Hi! I’m Daniel. Thanks for stopping by.

This blog came into being for many reasons, but mostly because my sister, Hali, has encouraged me to start documenting my progress on this project.

So, I’m actually about a year into this whole process, and have had to write about a lot of the early work from memory, but moving forward, I’ll be (I hope) writing every few days about my progress.  I am not an electrician, plumber, carpenter or a professional trades person of any kind. I have been doing stuff like this in every house I’ve owned, each project getting more ambitious than the last. I am also good at reading and following instructions.  Doing projects like this is my happy place.  I welcome comments, suggestions, criticism especially if you see me about to really screw something up) and notes just to say hi.  I don’t do all of the work myself.  I know my limits and will contract out projects as needed to professionals.

Why is it called screwing up my house?  I tend to use construction screws over nails and for some jobs, structural construction screws like GRK or Spax.  This is for a couple of reasons.  With remodel work, there is often not space to swing a hammer and if I make a mistake (which I often do), I can back out the screw and start again.  Having said that, I do use nails where appropriate and or required but nailing my house just didn’t have the same ring.

Thanks for reading.