I’m now maybe halfway thru pulling new circuits.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.  I’m probably no where near halfway thru.  Anyway, I decided that I’m pretty much replacing everything that was originally pulled for the first floor.  There are a couple of reasons for doing this.

  • I can put the receptacles on the circuits that I want
  • I can add receptacles where needed
  • I can route the cables where I want
  • It gives me an opportunity to clean up the panels
  • It lets me separate receptacles from the lights
  • Electrical code has changed since the house was built
  • I keep finding things that just shouldn’t be wired the way they were

Code requires certain devices be on their own circuit, so I pulled all of those items first, since they are home runs from the panel to the device. The dedicated circuits are:

  • Double Oven – 8/3 – 40A
  • Single Convection Oven / Microwave Combo – 8/3 – 30A (since it’s 30A, I could use 10/3 but I had excess 8/3 so I used it.)
  • Induction Cooktop – 6/3 – 50A
  • Dishwasher 1 – 12/2 – 20A
  • Dishwasher 2 – 12/2 – 20A
  • Disposal – 12/2 – 20A
  • Refrigerator 1 – 12/2 – 20A
  • Refrigerator 2 – 12/2 – 20A
  • Wine Refrigerator – 12/2 – 20A
  • Downstairs Washing Machine – 12/2 – 20A
  • Downstairs Dryer – 10/3 – 30A
  • Water Heater – 8/3 – 40A
  • Radon system – 12/2 – 20A
  • Downstairs Air Handler – 12/2 – 20A
  • Well Pump – 12/2 – 20A
  • Dedicated GFCI for each of the bathrooms in the main house (4)

For the general use circuits I’ve pulled:

  • Kitchen Recep 1
  • Kitchen Recep 2
  • Kitchen Recep 3
  • Home theatre closet
  • Dining room
  • Crawlspace receptacles – I am using plug in LEDs for lighting
  • Living room 1 – Switched receptacles on 4-way switch
  • Living room 2 – Unswitched receptacles

I have modified:

  • Upstairs bath lighting circuit (to separate it from the exterior lighting circuit)
  • Front porch lights and receptacles (now on separate circuits).

I have left to pull:

  • Master bedroom / bathroom lights receptacles
  • Master bedroom / bathroom lights
  • New lighting circuits for living, dining and kitchen
  • Floor heat circuits

If I have any remaining space in the panels, I’ll pull spare circuits and leave them terminated in the crawlspace and up in the mudroom attic space.

The panels are each 42 space 42 circuit panels.  I’m using 2 spaces in each panel for whole home surge suppressors, so that leaves me with 80 spaces.  Many circuits require 2 spaces so that reduces the total number of circuits that I can have.  I made a spreadsheet that maps out all of my circuits.  Since I don’t have unrestricted access to all of the walls and floors, I’m sometimes having to take a less direct path for my wiring.  It uses more cable but I’m not excessively concerned about how much cable I’m using.  For each circuit I pull I’m creating a circuit map so I know where all of my cables run.  Here is mock up of the dining room receptacles circuit.  I don’t know for sure which panel it’s going in which is why it’s a mock up.