Temp walls and supports

Right now the entire project area is a sea of temporary supports.  It makes moving around, building, etc. difficult.  I can’t take them down until after the framing inspection which should be this week (Wk of 5-Nov).  I’m just waiting on my very expensive LVL hanger where Beam 2 joins Beam 1.  Working around these walls has been a huge challenge, especially where Beams 1 and 3 are run.

Everywhere that a load bearing wall was coming out, I had to build temporary walls to support the structure above.  In most cases this requires a temporary wall on either side of the wall that’s being removed.  In my project I have 2 walls that run parallel to each other so I have a series of 3 temporary walls holding up the floor above.  All of the temporary walls will stay in place until after my framing inspection.  Once the county inspects my framing, I will be able to remove the temporary walls and put my beams under load.

Temp walls in living room. Picture was taken after demo of existing walls and installation of new beam
Temporary wall in kitchen. Picture taken prior to demo of old walls