Demo – These are all the demolition “projects”.  I tried to demo as little as possible, but it usually ended up being more of a pain trying to work around things.  I was operating under the impression that the less I tore apart, the less I had to rebuild.  To give you a perfect example:  I spent so many hours on my belly under the house digging out holes for the new piers and schlepping the dirt out in tubs.  Later when it came time to reinforce some of the floor joists, I realized that I had to take up the sub-floor plywood to install them.  Once the floor was up, I realized that digging the holes would have been much easier from above!

  • Pack up and move stuff out of kitchen, dining and living (completed)
  • Demo walls, ceilings (partial – Mostly where I needed to put in temp walls) and floors (completed)
  • Demo kitchen tile floors and remove 3/4 plywood underlayment (completed except what is left under the H2O heater)
  • Demo kitchen cabinets and countertops (done)
  • Demo crown, chair and baseboards
  • Demo shiplap in dining room
  • Demo wall around fireplace
  • Demo floor in mudroom (tile project – not yet done)
  • Move upstairs bath plumbing and 1st floor HVAC return (temporarily re-routed)

Most of this stuff just took a lot of time and generated a lot of dust.  The refrigerator has taken up temporary residence in the living room when I needed to take up the floor in the kitchen.  I had purchased one of those bagsters for the drywall but soon overflowed it.  I started just breaking the drywall into pieces that fit into horse feed bags and then taking a few to the dump every time I had to go.  50 lb. horse feed bags make excellent demo bags.  You can buy bags made of the same material at the big box home stores, or if you know a farmer, many would happily give you bags for free.  I thought my children would enjoy swinging hammers at the walls, but I was mistaken and ended up doing most of the demo myself.  I did get them to help on occasion by “not having time” to hook the wireless back up because I was busy with demo.  They would help me with demo, and the wireless would get hooked back up.  Don’t tell them, but this has actually worked a few times.  There’s really not much else to say about the demo.  I did manage to snap some pictures along the way.  There were only a few things I needed help with like moving the old granite counter tops outside.  I saved the old cabinets and will recycle them when I build out the rear entryway / mudroom.  The drywall got broken up and disposed of, the framing material was thrown onto my burn pile or recycled, depending on the condition.  All the copper that I remove is going into my copper recycling horse feed bag and all the other metal is going into my steel/other horse feed recycling bag.  There were about 50 lbs of nails holding in the floor so I got a good start on filling that bag.  Some materials I’ve given to friends who wanted them and others I plan on taking to the Re-Store.  If I create an opening between the front entry hallway and the dining room, then I’ll have a tiny bit more demo to do.  I’ve also held off on removing the floor from the master bedroom until I order the flooring because it’s going to be a bit of a disruption.

Floor gone but none of the cabinets


really early demo. I was tearing things out as fast as Yvonne could pack things up.
what a mess!
old fireplace mantle and wooden trim.

Here’s the rest of the demo pictures: