Floor plans:

Generating floor plans was not only necessary to pull the building permit, but it also gives me an intimate knowledge of where things are in my house and where loads are.  I spent hours underneath my house with my laser measuring device getting accurate measurements of piers, beams, foundation walls and other measurements of my house.  I put all my measurements into a CAD program and built a 3D model of my house.

Ortho view of the first floor as originally built. Not a perfect representation (the window above the kitchen sink is a garden window (soon to be replaced), and I didn’t put in the crawlspace access), but close enough.

When you look at the floor plans you don’t see the hours it takes to get there.  I spent a long time working on the plans.  At some point I will go back in and create a final revision my model.

I took my floor plans to the county to get my permit.

Floor plan as originally built. Wish I had had the original blueprints!

This is the floor plan I submitted to the county with our proposed changes.

Proposed changes

As anyone who’s ever done this type of thing knows, plans rarely survive intact at the end and these are no different.  You never know what you are going to find along the way that will have to be dealt with.